To start

If you are here it is because you have accepted that you have all the potential to succeed, you no longer want to be one more.

Dammn is in the details and more than a brand is a way to break the normal, doing things differently, often scratching the absurd. The conservative usually seems tedious and conventional.

Why do i do it?

Before starting any project, the first step we always take is to know each other well. How a nice date! Know your history, your needs, your goals, your expectations, your team and products.

If you read here, you are cutting-edge and we want to work together. I usually collaborate with quite qualified professionals but first of all they have that spark of genius and this is a bit of what we do together.

Brand consulting - Content development - Voice tone - Name creation - Brand personality.
Visual identity - Language - Brand rules - Logo and its applications - Typography - Editorial design - Product design.
Web Development - Web Design - UX-UI Product Experience - Web Consulting - Interactive design (Games - Touch Design)
Photography and video production
Art direction - Photography - Video - Production set design - Costume design.
ARQ Design
Set design - Architecture - Spaces

Working under the philosophy of MVP (Minimum viable product) this allows us to avoid building something that nobody is interested in, on the other hand it allows us to build something and learn a lot by investing little.
Therefore, it can be understood as an experiment to evaluate an idea in the market quickly and quantitatively, that is, as a tactic to reduce losses and put the product in the hands of users as soon as possible.

This does not mean that the end user is an experiment. We are only giving you what you need or want in a reduced way to generate loyalty and then iterate over the same product. Bring satisfaction little by little. The general process would be this ...